Pass PCNSE Exam in the First Try Guaranteed!

July 14, 2022



Pass PCNSE Exam in the First Try Guaranteed!

NGFWs can do all the same things as traditional firewalls, and more. NGFWs can filter traffic based upon application, identify and block malware, and are better able than traditional firewalls to combat advanced persistent threats. NGFWs are often more cost-effective than traditional firewalls because they include malware detection, threat management, and other security apps.
It shouldn't surprise that firewalls are following the same trend as the rest of the industry, which embraces cloud-based and software-defined functionality. Many companies are opting to use software-defined firewalls instead of physical hardware. They are also shifting their firewalls, network security, and other IT functions to the cloud.
Why Palo Alto Firewalls ?
Palo Alto Technologies is one of the most popular vendors that offers these new network security capabilities. Palo Alto Technologies has become a leader in network security, having made significant acquisitions and innovated over the past few years.
This is the first post in a series about Palo Alto's technology, its place in the network security landscape and the career opportunities available to Palo Alto-certified technicians and engineers.
Palo Alto Technologies is the market leader in network security products and services.
Palo Alto's main network security offering is the Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). The firewall is available in many forms:
Physical Firewall Appliances (PA-series): These appliances can handle throughputs of 500 Mbps to 10Gbps. They are designed to handle different customer scenarios such as data centers, branch offices, and more.
Virtual Firewall Editions, discover this info here.