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"Cary thanks for everything. You are even better than everyone said you were. Glad we finally got to work together.” — Kevin Russell, Shinyribs

“Cary is the father of modern day music publicity.”
— Jay Boberg, chairman, InGrooves Fontana; former president of I.R.S. Records, MCA Records and MCA Music Publishing

“I'd consider Cary to be one of the hardest working, dedicated individuals I've worked with on publicity. His determination and passion bring very positive results.”
— Glenn Dicker, president, Yep Roc Records

“Cary Baker is the best media flack this little Jewish troubadour could have, and he just keeps getting better at it. Every city I travel through knows I'm coming, they are well-oiled up for the Kinkster Express, and I virtually never have to stop talking about myself. Anyone who knows the Kinkster knows how I love that. If you want the media to pay attention, go with Cary.” — Richard 'Kinky' Friedman

"I'm going to say THANKS for a great job but I know that's not big enough. I wish I could say in words of what I'm feeling in my heart. You are probably the only person in my life to do exactly what you said you would do and in my lifetime that's a rare bird. Thanks again!” — Lloyd Price

“What an overwhelmingly great job you have done for our record. We cannot thank you nearly enough for everything you've made happen.” — Peter Holsapple, The dB’s

“Cary, you outdid yourself on this project!” — Rosie Flores

"Conqueroo is among the best publicity firms I've ever worked with, or seen on the scene. They deliver the goods you want when it comes to PR, and Cary Baker is a true gentleman. Cary works with it all but is a leader in roots music and plays a major role in keeping the blues alive and well. Thank you, Conqueroo." — Bobby Rush

“You get to work awesome projects because YOU are awesome and respected” — Barbara Mitchell, Bumbershoot Festival

“Cary, you are the king!!! I haven't had a show get this much great publicity since the last show that you did for me several years ago.” — Marianne Taylor, Raleigh concert promoter

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the work you did on the Janis Martin album. I can't imagine the results could have been any better.” — Bill Hunt, Cow Island Records

“I also want to say again how much I appreciate your press releases, which actually impart information (history, even; I actually learned from press releases!) and are in lucid English with correct punctuation and like that. It’s gotten to the point where I am so appalled by the low caliber of the business communications some people put out these days that I have to comment when somebody does it right.” — Phil Catalfo, Bay Area music writer

“The people you represent have such uncommon dignity. You're in with the right crowd, my man.” — Gary Daughters, CNN

“Conqueroo, Cary Baker and staff are one of the premiere music publicity services to use. From a radio stand point they always provide us with the information needed on an artist and/or upcoming release in turn making our research easier. They are always accessible to us as well with any questions or requests we may have. In our business there are few companies left that put the music first. If I had music to promote, Cary and his staff would be my fist call.” — Jason Jeffries, KRLA-AM Radio, Los Angeles

“U rock”
— Joel Amsterdam, VP/Publicity, Concord Music Group

“I know biz is biz and all, but when it's all said and done, it'll be the times that you felt like you helped shine a little light on somebody that deserved it that will really matter.” — Brian Holland, Relix

“Cary Baker is the pre-eminent publicist, and a true enthusiast of music . . .and always charming.” —Neville Johnson, Esq.

"Cary Baker’s the BEST. The last publicist with soul.” —Michael Simmons, MOJO Magazine

“Being at work at 6:30 a.m., you have set the bar high for my Left Coast friends.” —Dave Stallard, Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine

"You’re the best in the business – really!” —John Kuroski, Elmore Magazine

“ You guys did a fantastic job on this album . . . we couldn't be happier. Thank you!” — Carol Young, The Greencards

“Don't ever stop being a class act. The music industry needs people like you — now more than ever!” — Ken Richardson, New York journalist

“Glad you’re out there doing the music God’s work.” — Wayne Bledsoe, Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Thanks for all your hard work on this record. You're old school — a class act.” — Jeffrey Foucault, Cold Satellite, Signature Sounds recording artist

"I am so very impressed with your clientele. You really have an exceptionally refined roster.” — Everynight Charley Crespo, New York blogger

“I have worked with Cary Baker over the course of two solo records and a band project in the past three years, and I can't say enough about how wonderful it's been to work with him. Not only is he the one of the most motivated and effective people I've met in the business, he's also kind, interested, interesting, and fun. I've enjoyed getting to know him almost as much as I've enjoyed watching the press roll in.”
— Caitlin Cary

“Cary Baker is up at the crack of dawn. In fact, I'm not even sure he sleeps at all. I think he may even have his own satellite. I am sure of one thing though. Seems like he knows everybody I don't. When the whole world needs to know, Cary Baker brings it to 'em with style, straightahead experience, and with that rapidly vanishing attribute -- integrity. No guff -- just the truth.”
— Stan Ridgway

“Cary was able to deliver publicity where previous publicists had tried and failed. He is responsive, passionate, musical and inventive. Cary makes a difference. My new favorite publicist.”
— Roger Cramer, manager, Vernon Reid

“Cary can get it done. He’s one of the best that I’ve worked with.”
— Billy Joe Shaver

“Your client roster of Americana and powerpop is one of the few things that keeps me writing about music nowadays. I'm left pretty cold by most of the other stuff coming out lately.” — John B. Moore, music writer

“I want to send you my heartfelt thanks for the great job you've done for me with my album. Your are clearly a master at your craft and I am deeply grateful and heartened that I've met a new friend. Your friendship and counsel have been invaluable. The first few interviewers I spoke to were right. You're at the top of the class. In fact, and this I know from hanging out with you at SXSW, you TEACH the class!”
—Willie Nile

“Cary Baker has worked on a number of my records over the last few years and through his good efforts and despite my peripheral position in the music biz attention has been paid by the likes of The New York Times, Fresh Air and Entertainment Weekly. Cary is quick-thinking and fast acting and that’s always a lethal combination in the publicity game.”
Loudon Wainwright III

“Cary, I probably haven't said it enough, but we've done campaigns when we were on majors with some of the biggest publicity firms out there You are in a league of your own. You've done a truly amazing job with our project.”
— Over the Rhine

“Thanks for all the work on the record. You really made it happen.”
— Freedy Johnston

“You are the bomb!”
— Susan Cowsill

“Lots of early excitement with the media campaign, thanks to our brilliant publicity team at Conqueroo. Thanks guys!!”
— Doug Yoel, Dreyfus Records

“Anyone would be lucky to have Cary Baker on their side!”
— Bob Corritore, blues recording artist and owner of the Rhythm Room, Phoenix

“Your passion for music is so obvious. I don't believe I have ever read a list of clients and former clients that reads like yours.”
— Ray Willson, All Creative Music

“I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job. You really delivered the goods. You are a pleasure to work with, too.”
— Eleni Mandell

“Cary Baker makes my life easier. His list of impressive clients has been attractive to me when I've produced segments PRI's Studio 360 or APM's Weekend America (Billy Joe Shaver, Rodney Crowell, Buckwheat Zydeco and Michelle Shocked). Cary does more than send press releases. He has an effective, yet gentle way of presenting his clients as the perfect solution when a certain artist is needed for a segment.”
— Trey Kay, “Studio 360” and “Weekend America” (public radio)

“Cary Baker is great at what he does. I feel that he's really been in my corner during the time that we've been working together.”
– Marshall Crenshaw

“Dude, there is no vocabulary to describe how much I love working with you.”
— Mark Finkelpearl, director, ‘Jon Dee Graham: Swept Away’ documentary DVD

“You’re a star!”
— Holly Golightly

“Cary Baker did a superb job directing our media efforts for the 2004 Americana Music Association Conference. The results prove his effectiveness -- our largest event to-date coupled with an increase in both quality and quantity of media from all over the world in attendance to cover the event.”
— J.D. May, former Executive Director, Americana Music Association

“I'm pretty sure I've already said what an incredible job you did on the album in general, but just in case I haven't: Thank you!!! You TOTALLY kick ass. I know you worked really hard and I was really happy with the tons of great press Randy got because of it!”
— Mary-Lyn Vernon, manager of Randy Weeks

“You work so hard, you put us to shame. You're very responsible for how loved this record has been, because you made people see your love for it. Thank you Cary.”
— Peter Holsapple (Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey, The dB’s)

“I've long been aware that you give James Brown stiff competition for that title of hardest working man in show business.”
— Robert Mugge, blues documentary filmmaker

“Cary will shake more trees than an elephant walking through the jungle! I sure wish everybody in this industry gave a shit like Cary Baker does!”
— Jason Lewis, Lewis Entertainment Group

“You have been absolutely killing it! Thank you for the mountain of good stuff . . .since I'm sure we never thank you enough.”
— Elana James. Hot Club of Cowtown

“Cary Baker is one of the best publicists I have ever worked with. I'm so pleased with the results so far. Cary makes my job so much easier and is extremely thorough, reliable, and ‘makes it happen’!”
– Nancy Scibilia, artist manager

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the press/articles you generate. You are a machine my friend. Keep up the good work!”
- Jeff Howard, Agency For The Performing Arts, Nashville

“When we launched our new label, Proper American, I was looking for someone with outstanding expertise, credibility, and an impeccable sense of professional and journalistic ethics. I found that person in Cary Baker, who left no stone unturned to fight the good fight — that of a small independent label with artistic integrity. It has been a privilege and honor to work with him over the past year on several of our releases, and I look forward to working together in the coming months. I highly recommend Cary Baker and conqueroo to anyone seeking his help.”
- Lisa Best, CEM, Proper American Recordings

"I love it when I book a show and find out that Cary is handling the press because I know that the artist will be all over the local papers. Every show that Cary works on does really well for me."
– Marianne Taylor, promoter, The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, NC

“Cary worked on the release of Jake La Botz’ debut for Joseph Street Records, All Soul And No Money, and he was able to generate a wealth of fantastic reviews for Jake. We needed media support for this project and Cary nailed it, delivering an impressive variety of favorable press quotes. He will always be our media Sherpa!”
— Rick Bates & Nancy Meyer, Bates-Meyer Inc.

“As our third anniversary approaches, allow me to thank you for all the support and kind words over these years. You're a real pro, as a writer and as a publicist, and it's a pleasure to be able to work with you on these fine releases you represent, just as it was a pleasure to publish you in Record back in the day.”
— David McGee, publisher,

“I just want to say that your PR service has been outstanding on behalf of Essra Mohawk and her releases on Collectors Choice! I would recommend you to anyone needing publicity. Thank you.”
– David Bean, manager of Essra Mohawk

“Ditto!! ‘Thanks’ is not a big enough word for all you've done, Cary! Love and appreciation (a bigger word, but still not big enough.)”
— Essra Mohawk

“Cary Baker is one of a handful of publicists that I've consistently been able to trust and enjoy working with over the years. His professionalism, breadth of knowledge and genuine passion for his clients is apparent in everything he does. When a Conqueroo package arrives in the mail, it goes to the top of the heap every time.” — Scott Crawford, editor, Blurt and

“In addition to being pleased with the results of your publicity efforts, I must add that I really appreciate how organized, focused, and easy-to-quickly-digest your publicity reports are.”
— Nick Phillips, Concord Music Group.

“I feel very lucky to have Cary in our corner. So many journalists that I've talked to have commented on how much they like what Cary does and how he does it -- and how it's such a useful thing when you're faced with that stack of forty CDs that comes in every month. It's so helpful to have a Cary because you know that there's a consistent element there that says there's a quality behind it. You know if he says, ‘Listen to that,’ there's a fairly good bet that there's a reason to listen to it.”
— Robert Fisher, Willard Grant Conspiracy

“I always get a sense of momentum and credibility when I get a press release from Cary. His depth of knowledge and passion for his clients is always present. Highly recommended.”
— Bruce Haring, DIY Convention

“If I were to email you every time you conquer, I would be here until 9 p.m. every night. You slay me, you are the best, you have got the touch, I am grateful to have you an unofficial Tiger in our tank.”
– Bob Goldstone, partner, Thirty Tigers

“Cary, thanks now and forever for doing such a fantastic job getting the word out on (the movie) Honeydripper. Speaking for John Sayles and myself, it’s been a pleasure.”
— Maggie Renzi, Anarchists Convention

“I’ve had the pleasure having Cary handle publicity on several records I've produced over the years, including Anne McCue's Roll and Koala Motel and Tony Furtado's These Chains. Cary's passion for and deep knowledge of the music shine through in all his efforts.”
— Dusty Wakeman, Producer/Engineer/Musician/Composer, Mojave Audio

“Thanks a million for all your efforts on my behalf. I have never had this much coverage before, and it as I said before it makes all the difference in the very tangible attendance figures, as well as the not-so-tangible but subtly noticeable general well-being of my career.”
— Bill Kirchen

“I just wanted to let you know that you have a new nickname around here: Tenacious C.”
— Nancy Quinn, Thirty Tigers

"Cary Baker is my favorite publicist. He is, hands down, the best at what he does, and I always look forward to the projects we work together."
— Jenni Finlay, Jenni Finlay Promotions

“Cary is our first choice publicist when we create a marketing plan. He is the tallest, most comprehensive, most unrestrained, and results driven publicist that we have used, and we have used a lot of publicists. There are simply no alternatives.”
— Brad Turcotte, Big Machine Records

“We do think that you should change your name to ‘Rainmakeroo’ after the great job that you did putting James (McMurtry) back on the map. Glad to know that DRIVER8 is still running.”
– Jackson Haring, High Road Touring

“You are amazing, you are a superman, you are out of control! Great work.”
– Adrienne Young

“Great work...and we will do it again!”
— Matt Spicher, manager of Pam Tillis

“We came to Cary with a project other publicists wouldn't touch: A 35-year-old blues album by David Allan Coe, written in and about prison. Cary not only delivered an astonishing amount of positive press in publications ranging from Blender to Esquire, but his professionalism and integrity helped rebuild David Allan Coe's reputation in the media and earned the respect of a notoriously hard to please artist. We couldn't be happier with Cary's work and hope to make him a part of as many future HackTone projects as he can stand.”
— David Gorman and Michael Nieves, HackTone Records

“You have been absolutely killing it! Thank you for the mountain of good stuff . . .since I'm sure we never thank you enough.” — Elana James. Hot Club of Cowtown

“I will tell you that from the publications I work with and the credibility and sway you have with those editors, you are among the top five music publicists I know of – absolutely serious, and no hype – you have an amazing rep.” — Lee Zimmerman, music journalist

“I sure wish everybody in this industry gave a shit like Cary Baker does!” — Jason Lewis, Lewis Entertainment Group

“Every time I deal with Conqueroo my first thought is, ‘Why doesn’t every artist use this great company’? Thanks for being proactive.” — Scott Sheldon, Sanctuary Concerts, New Jersey

“you are among a handful ... a small handful ... of publicists who do not waste my time.”
— Ellis Widner, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“Thank you for all your good work. I don't know if I tell you that often enough.”
– Chris Stamey, The dB’s, Sneakers, Modern Recording

“You have done a fantastic job! You are the best. I could not be more pleased with your work.”
– Jake La Botz

“You put the ‘on’ in in ‘turn on’ to good music.”
– Mary Sack, artist manager

“Nobody – and I mean nobody – in this business works harder than you do for your artists. They're fortunate to have you.”
– Rick Taylor, editor, M Music & Musicians

“You keep working with creative artists that I love and respect!!!”
– Hale Milgrim, former president of Capitol Records, now DJ at KTYD-FM Santa Barbara

“You did such a great job, many thanks... You are the best!”
– Peggie Jones, “Sings Like Hell” concert series, Santa Barbara, CA

“ I can't thank you enough for your perseverance and passion. Way to go!”
– Robert Earl Keen

“You rock!”
- Vernon Reid

“You’re the best...I mean it.”
- Peter Himmelman

“I've been admiring your work from afar. You guys have something really good going and I love seeing all the great work you do for your artists. It's heartwarming to see how dedicated you are to your work.
— Wendy Colonna

“I don't know how you do everything you do. You're my hero!”
—Carol Young, The Greencards

“You are my hero!”
—Jessie Scott, Hill Country Live (venue)

“Y’all are the best!”
—Mary Gauthier